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Radinn G2X Electric Jetboard – Your New Favourite Watersport With the Winter Olympics now over, we’re on the lookout for some new X Sports to obsess over. And we think we’ve found it in the Radinn G2X Jetboard – an electric surfboard which doesn’t need waves and can reach speeds of up to 36mph in near complete silence. Radinn G2X Jetboard - IMBOLDN. The Best Electric Jet Boards: Onean, Radinn, Lampuga. DNA*PARIS. Radinn G2X Electric Surfboard | Uncrate. Jet Board Testing Tour.

G2x jetboard

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What exactly is the jetboard? Much like the name sounds, the jetboard is essentially a surfboard with a powerful electric motor built into it. You’d expect Q to be issuing something like the Radinn G2X … Radinn G2X is new electric jet-surfboard from Sweden. G2X stands for "generation 2 extreme", it will replace past Wakejet Cruise.

As the  Mar 21, 2021 With the invention of motorized surfboards or jetboards, there is no need Ewave electric jet board has a 6000 RPM engine promising the top  Med sina elektriska jetboards hoppas Radinn ta surfentusiaster med smyglanserade man sin första kommersiella modell, G2X Jetboard, som  Han byggde sin första eldrivna jetboard redan 2011. Jämförelse av specifikationer mellan Awake Rävik oh Radinn G2X. Siffrorna för G2X  Nu är Radinn mitt uppe i lanseringen av den uppföljande produkten G2X Jetboard och redan nu har de sålt brädor och kringutrustning för  Nu är Radinn mitt uppe i lanseringen av sin senaste bräda G2X Jetboard och man har redan sålt brädor och kringutrustning för cirka 30  Alumnibolaget Radinn har arbetat på sin elektriska jetboard ‍♂️ i nästan 6 år.

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Together, we can be on the edge of the new next generation surfing technology to test electric jet boards! Radinn G2X Jetboard Pro $8,750.00 - $11,650.00. mobo evo Mobile Outdoor Evolution Downtown Oconomowoc 127 N Main St Oconomowoc WI 53066 Call/Text 262.345.2096 Radinn from Sweden presented the new 2018 Radinn G2X electric jet-surfboard which will completely replace the former Radinn Wakejet Cruise.

G2x jetboard

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G2x jetboard

Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly,  478K subscribers. Subscribe · Tackle Lakes, Rivers and Swamps with Raddin's G2X Jetboard.

G2x jetboard

The G2X Jetboard is currently available in black or white, and can be upgraded with a larger 3.7kWh battery known as the "XL Power Pack." A further upgrade unlocks "Radical" mode and boosts the boards top speed to 36 mph. Riders can further augment the board with a hydrofoil attachment that simply replaces the main jet motor. Anything is possible! (As long as it’s water.)Raddin's G2X Jetboard is a self-propelled, stand-up ride capable of coasting across the water all by itself.___ Swedish manufacturer Radinn is ready to launch a faster version of its electric jetboard. Named G2X, this new device will let you surf without waves at speeds up to 36 mph (58 km/h). Radinn started this project back in 2014 with a first prototype tested for some time.
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G2x jetboard

Explorer. Maxhastighet: 52 km/h It’s hard to explain the feeling we have while riding the Radinn electric jetboards. It’s escaping daily hectic lives, going outside your comfort zone to enj Namn: G2X Jetboard.

G2X Jetboard. It can be yours for €9,900 ($12,300) with the standard 2.8-kWh battery, which is good for about 25 minutes flat out at a top speed around 31 mph (50 km/h).
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Radinn goes Spain / Exploring Tarifa on the Radinn electric jetboard

Before we continue our review of the Carve and Freeride models, let’s have a short look at the Explore model.It is based of the earlier G2X model and comes now with the new G3 Jetpack and in two colors called Icebreaker for the black & white version and Sentinel for the dark grey version. Radinn G2X Electric JetBoard, my first test My first test on the Radinn GX2 Electrified JetBoard. Amazing Fun, this board can go up to 55km/h. It's quite hea The Radinn G2X is the latest electric wakeboard from the swedish manufacturer.

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G2X stands for "generation 2 extreme", it will replace past Wakejet Cruise. The new generation has significant improvements that make this product completely new. One of the biggest changes is new design of bottom hull which gives 60% higher It’s hard to explain the feeling we have while riding the Radinn electric jetboards. It’s escaping daily hectic lives, going outside your comfort zone to enj Radical design meets extreme innovation with the Radinn Explore electric jetboard. Come take a demo with us and feel the difference for your self. Capable of 55 km/h.